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Nifty Muslim Sister (NMS)
Nifty Muslim Brother (NMB)
Nifty Muslim Coin (NMC)

Five Projects Under NiftyMuslim

NiftyMuslim is the core umbrella project by Coreibytes Inc. with Five  stages, each stage is treated individually as a small project

About Us

We are Coreibytes Inc.- a team of nerds, achievers, and dreamers; a well-established software company based in the USA, Finland, and Bangladesh. After working on numerous NFT and Crypto projects for our clients, this is our time to start our own journey to the metaverse. Our project ties three biggest components together to achieve the audacious dream we have been pursuing.


Our vision is to create a safer space for our kids and families. We searched and digged deeper into upcoming metaverse projects but didn’t find many that relates to our community. There are many misbeliefs regarding our community; this is our opportunity to create our space and introduce the world with our way of living.
We are determined to create NiftyVerse and to do so we need to go through some requirements. The idea is to launch our Nifty Muslim Sisters and Nifty Muslim Brothers before we launch our own Nifty Muslim Coin to be used in NiftyVerse.
The coin will be used in all the platforms we will develop in future, so far, we have developed ERPs, CRMs, Crowdfunding, Social channels, and other kinds of tools and programs. We aim to use Nifty Muslim Coin as a standard form of payment in all our tools.

Project Overview

Each Stage has it's own Roadmap and Perks for Members

We will Move to the next Stage after 65% sale of each collection

Allocation of Funds

We will share 10% revenue before profit with our holders and allocate rest in different segments

Perks at a Glance

What do you get for minting Nifty Muslim Sisters?

Overview of the NMS Token

How the token works?